About us


The CZECH GLASS SOCIETY (CGS) is a voluntary, professional organisation which includes individual and collective members of glass branches, costume jewellery branches and allied branches, including their suppliers.

The CGS was established in 1946 with the aim of uniting Czech glass specialists and maintaining a high standard of glass work. It has operated continually since then, regardless of the historical changes to the Czech countries. The CGS helps to develop the creative activities, abilities and knowledge of its members. It is concerned with glass science, research, technology, living environment protection, glass works history, art, glass experts education, etc. These activities concentrate mainly upon, the organisation of professional conferences, seminars, lectures, professional courses, club activities, the editing of professional journals and books, the organisation of competitions and awarding prizes, consultation and preparation of standards, organisation of excursions and educational stays and visits of its members.

Activities of CGS are reflected in different professional sections: – Raw materials, furnaces and glass melting – Glass processing machines and glass forming – Glass control – Laboratory methods – Ecology – New glasses – History of glass – Control and modelling of technological processes – Glass education system – Art.

The Czech Glass Society has 261 members including 19 collective (January 2022). Its Chairman is Mr. Petr Beránek.

The CGS is a member of national and international organisations: the Association of Glass and Ceramics Industry of the Czech Republic (ASKP), the Czech Union of Science and Technology Societies (CSVTS), the International Commission on Glass (ICG) and the European Society of Glass Science and Technology (ESG).